About Us

For nearly a decade, I’m Hauling For You has made it our mission to make your life easier but providing friendly, transparent, dependable and affordable solutions for all of your junk removal-related needs.

The burden that clutter creates in our lives is a real one. We know that everyone’s situation is different and requires careful consideration and attention. Some of us need that decaying pile of debris finally removed from our backyard to allow space for our children to play again. Many of us have glared way too long at that ever-growing mountain of stuff accumulating in our garage, hoping that one day it will magically disappear. We are here to bring that “magic” with our dedicated know-how, muscle and expertise!

Junk, furniture, demolition debris, unwanted items, mattresses, stone, tile, brick, sheds, fencing, hot tubs - you name it, we will get it out of your way! Leave the heavy-lifting to us - start by texting pictures of what you need removed to (707) 315-3226, then we will respond with an all-inclusive quote!

Our prices are always fair, competitive and affordable. One call and we’ll haul it all!